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What kind of care is right for you?

Dentistry has progressed from the days when you only called the dentist to have a tooth pulled.

Most folks aspire to keep their teeth throughout their entire lifetime, and desire the same for their children. Very few patients are willing to give up their natural teeth and smile unless there are just no other options.

The current lifestyle reality for most people is very busy - time is precious. Work, family activity, kids involved in sports and other school functions, caring for parents with health problems, our hobbies, involvement in church or community volunteer efforts….all demands that make us more aware of time.

Considering both realities, it becomes important that a person find dental care that is right for him or her.

We have found the following principles to be true in our practice:

  1. Tooth decay, inflammation and infection of gums and surrounding teeth, and excessive wearing are CONTROLLABLE but not CURABLE.
  2. Dental disease, if left untreated, will get worse and more damage will be created.
  3. Every person wants FREEDOM. Freedom from pain and discomfort and freedom from dental problems (everyone wants zero dentistry).
  4. People want to be in CONTROL

In these times when economic conditions of our Ohio Valley are being challenged, it is more important than ever that we spend our money wisely. How can you choose dental care that is right for you?

Those who aspire to move from dental disease to a state of optimum dental health, to be free from pain and discomfort, and to be in control, can look for several important steps. First, the dentist must LISTEN to the patient’s concerns and understand that person’s individual needs. A thorough, comprehensive examination and appropriate diagnostic records, i.e., x-rays, molds of your teeth, etc. should be done. After the dentist has spent time studying that information, the dentist and patient must REVIEW FINDINGS together, communicate, and fully understand the current state of the patient’s dental health. At that point, the dentist and patient may create a plan together that will move the patient toward improved health in a manner that meets the patient’s own wants, needs and values.

In my experience, with this partnership approach to dental health, people enjoy the benefits of being in CONTROL, having the FREEDOM from ongoing dental problems, and making their financial investment create the most value. The ultimate success of the approach is that people can look forward to smiling with confidence for a lifetime.

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