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Ounce of Prevention

This is heard countless times throughout our lives. Its wisdom cannot be disputed, and it certainly has application in many, many areas of life. One such significant area involves our dental health.

These are times in our country and, especially in our Ohio Valley, when we have many concerns on our minds. Jobs are not plentiful, wages and benefits are compromised, and gasoline prices are up. The last thing we need during stressful times is a toothache or other more serious dental emergency.

Prevention goes a long way in avoiding dental problems. Often people assume that because nothing hurts it means there is nothing wrong and that their dental health is OK. Meanwhile, tooth decay gradually destroys vital structures that could otherwise be saved.

There are warning signs that the dentist is trained to recognize. Often these are conditions of which a person may be totally unaware, but these conditions will always progress into more serious problems. And, so, in these tough times where money is a concern, it is important to spend it wisely. Prevention of dental problems is always less expensive than fixing them once they occur. In like manner, early diagnosis of dental problems is always less expensive than treating those dental problems after they have become more advanced. And, also, it is true 100% of the time that once a cavity or a gum infection starts, it will continue until the tooth is lost.

Dr. L. D. Pankey many years ago made this statement. “There is a price to be paid for attending to health and a price to be paid for neglecting health. You cannot choose whether or not you will pay, only for what”.

The great news is that there is hope. There are dentists who have the knowledge in their heads, the caring in their hearts, and the healing in their hands who are willing to take the time to share that knowledge with their patients and empower those patients to know how to maintain a high level of dental health throughout their lifetime. There has never been a better time to seek an ounce of prevention.

We believe that excellent dental health is possible for anyone who chooses it..

We believe that excellent health minimizes your future dental needs and expenses, while improving your quality of life.

If you believe as we believe, we would like to help you create a plan to reach the level of health you desire.

There are many choices in dentistry today, and, EXCELLENCE IS A CHOICE

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