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Crowns & Bridges

As we get older, our teeth don't flex like they used to and can become more prone to fracturing or breaking.  In addition to age, things such as bruxism (tooth grinding), large or fractured fillings, decay, and root canals can further weaken the tooth.  In these cases, a crown may be the best restoration to provide the most long term stability for the tooth.  

In many cases your crown can be made in one appointment with the use of our CEREC machine, which uses CAD/CAM technology to make your custom crown.  A digital image of your prepared tooth is transmitted to our milling unit where your new crown is milled right before your eyes out of a solid block of durable porcelain.  

In some instances, a lab fabricated crown is necessary.  An impression is made of your prepared tooth which is then sent to our local laboratory.  We then fabricate a temporary crown which allows for normal function until the second appointment several weeks later when your permanent crown is cemented into place. 

Bridges are natural-looking dental restorations that can replace one or multiple missing teeth.  The teeth on either side of the space are prepared for crowns which serve as the abutments for the bridge and will hold the "pontic" that replaces your missing tooth or teeth.  Bridges are made from metal alloys and/or porcelain to ensure that they are strong yet very aesthetic.

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